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You will not find any other media outlet that provides the same distribution as PNN Media Group. Our exclusive marketing package directly reached a targeted niche audience.

TV. Radio. Online. Mobile. Mass Email. Social.
Our advertising is one complete package. It's easy to implement, easy to understand, easy on the wallet and there's nothing that compares. See what we can do for you:
Save Time
Our complete advertising campaigns are started within hours, not days.
Cloud Marketing
Your one campaign distributes through all our media platforms.
User Friendly
No confusing bidding, keywords, billing. We do it all for you. You just relax.
The truth . . .
Print is dead. Terrestrial radio and TV are dying. Nielson and Arbitron ratings have always been questioned regarding accuracy. Most company media kits are bloated with over-exaggerated promises, demographics and stats.
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You are where we are.
Your brand will be seen on all our platforms. That's what makes us different from the rest. You're on TV, radio, online, email, social sites, at events, PC, laptop, tablets, phones. You're there!
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The products that will work for you.
National Radio
IP, Apps, Devices

Online Media
App, mobile, email

National TV
Online, set-top boxes

Mobile Apps
iPhone, Android

Exposure. Exposure. Exposure.
Every successful business constantly needs exposure and branding. No matter what your business is, you need to be out there all the time. This PNN Partner Package puts your product or service in front of the eyes and ears of our audience. This is how we do it:
1 Radio.
Since 1999, we've been entertaining a young, hip audience that's addicted to our radio programming.
PNN Radio | ClubHits.FM

2 TV.
Over 11 niche channels all in one place. Available online, mobile, app and third-party devices.
PNN ONE Network

3 Magazine.
Entertainment pop culture is what our magazine is all about. Daily readers cling to our articles.
PrideNation Magazine

4 Mass Email.
Each week we reach over 25,000 subscibers. Our emails include multimedia content that motivates click-throughs.
PNN Bi-weekly Newsletter

5 App.
We have our own entertainment app that includes all our radio & TV channels, listings, entertainment, games and more.
PrideNation Mobile App

6 Third-party applications.
Other than our own popular online products, we are also included in many international third party applications. Our Radio & TV media channels are available in some of the best products

Fact One
We wouldn't have been in business for over 20 years if it wasn't for the quality of our advertising distribution.

Fact Two
90% of our advertising clients have been with us for over ten years! They stick with us because of results.

Fact Three
We directly reach a exclusive niche audience that is dedicated to our products and support our advertisers

Here's the PNN Partner Package:

(280) total TV commercials a month on KLPS TV (, Interfusion TV (, Poptro TV (, DIME Club ( ) Proud TV (,

Full banner rotation on KLPS TV ( , Proud TV ( PNN Magazine (, PrideNation (, Fablist (
Banner sizes:
768x90 Header
300x250 Square
428x60 Standard
120x60 button

(250) Radio commercials on ClubHits Radio & PrideNation Radio & PNN ONE Talk Radio

(1) display ad in mass email per month (20,000 subscribers)

(4) social blast a month on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

(1) *premium "sponsored by" video ad on all participating sites (see sample at

(1) *video intro ad on all participating sites (see sample at

*For one-year clients only

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Radio and TV commercials

Mass emails and social promos

Full banner rotation / Mobile Apps

Are you ready to:








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If you read one thing . . .
This is a totally different way to advertise. This is in-content, multimedia marketing. This is not keyword, search, adwords advertising. You're directly reaching a dedicated, niche audience via video, audio, photos and text integrated in a variety of state-of-the-art media products.
Complete 'Re-branding' Pkg:
If you're looking for a fresh new look, or a complete rebranding; see what we can do for you! Contact us for a free consultation along with a introductory offer!
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